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Learn the exciting, new and revolutionary energy balancing method that easily integrates with any healing modality.

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What is BioEssence Energy?

BioEssence Energy is based on three basic principles:

  1. Illness and dysfunction always result from blockage or lack of energy flow and this energy flow must be reestablished, balanced or transformed for healing to take place.
  1. BioEssence Energy encompasses three distinctly different energies that are essential to maintain wellness.  The basis of BioEssence Energy technique is that the body must be energetically “set-up” to accept and fully integrate the healing process.  This involves addressing the three energies in a specific order, reestablishing “trust” within the energetic system and reestablishing and balancing energy flow in the physical body.  
  1. The BioEssence Energy Packets:
    • magnifies the energy and intention to manifest results (whatever your preferred treatment modality is)
    • increases your sensitivity and ability to feel energy and manipulate energy (even if you don’t have any experience with energy work, working with the packets will teach you to feel energy)
    • conserves your energy as the energy worker (helps prevent you from taking on others energy)

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Learn how to achieve lasting results in transformation and healing using BioEssence Energy packets and technique. Improve the results of your present healing modality. Tuesday July 13, 7-9PM at 6700 Overland Rd in Boise.

What makes BioEssence Energy Unique?

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